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Mahindra EarthMaster

The designers at Mahindra have taken technology to the next level. Looking at the current scenario, we have made a dramatic leap in our own Backhoe Loader, designing the brand new EarthMaster SX Smart.With a 36.2 kW (50 HP), naturally aspirated Mahindra engine, best-in-class fuel efficiency, and optimal backhoe performance, it is specifically engineered keeping in mind the Indian usage patterns which breaks all the norms in the Backhoe Loader category.

  • Better dig Depth with 2 mm thicker plates than usual for applications where the strength is needed.
  • More load bearing capacity to front axle with 63 mm thick beam, helps machine to do heavy work in loader application.
  • Ideal for all-weather condition like sub-zero temperature in the Himalayas, due to high impact resistant structural Grade of steel (350 C) for all critical components
  • High Productivity with Bigger Loader (1.1 m3) and backhoe buckets (0.27 m3).
  • Mahindra Earthmaster backhoe bucket is around 8% bigger than competition.
  • Better backhoe speed & performance due to higher flow-handling capacity and less pressure losses.
  • Better Fuel efficiency due to less load on engine with lowest hydraulic refills required.
  • Lower per-hour maintenance cost due to 3000 hours hydraulic oil change interval. Leading to higher savings.
  • Improved Performance with Optimised Hoses and Tubes, higher flow capacity backhoe, loader control valve, and optimised hydraulic circuit to minimise pressure losses which is Ideal for rugged Indian site conditions.
  • Less Machine Maintenance with H-frame design which ensures dirt does not accumulate like other machines.
  • Better Grip and Stability due to its 12-bolt support plate design and balanced weight distribution.
  • Better life and impact strength of the boom due to its design like that of Excavators. The construction is with thick plates at the ends of the boom.
  • More structural strength and rigidity due to its a closed box section design.
  • Easy to fill Tippers and trolleys it as boom design which never interferes with the body.
Super Clean
  • Reliable Aggregates which are less prone to failure due to its design which ensures better lubrication in all parts even in incline position, Increasing the life of Final Drive.
  • Final drive Consists of 3 Sections – 2 hubs and 1 middle section along with Differential separated by Oil Seals.
  • Oldest - Proven in Indian market power train with Optimised service refill capacity in Power train.
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