Transforming challenges into opportunities has been the hallmark of the Perfect Group ever since its inception two decades ago. Perfect Group invests a lot of energies to ensure that our products are best in quality and reliable.
Perfect Group started from a small business in Diesel Generators in 1992 and ever since, has created a niche for itself, for its quality products and customer orientation. Carving opportunities out of challenges, Perfect Group evolved and grew into a company of multiple product lines & services. Throughout the journey the Group’s focus has been to exceed customer expectations by continuous product and process enhancements.

Headquartered in Delhi Perfect Group has almost 150 employees working under its flagship worldwide. Perfect has been persistently expanding globally, focusing on markets in Hong Kong and America for various businesses. Perfect Group has diverse interests into various sectors, the group companies being Perfect Generators, Perfect Aurarays and Perfect RFID.

Perfect Generators has been manufacturing and exporting Mahindra-Perfect silent DG sets for more than two decades. In association with Mahindra Powerol, one of the most trusted names in the Indian generator market, Perfect Generators has successfully created a huge pool of content and loyal customers across multiple industries ranging from Construction & real estate, banking, petroleum, healthcare, hospitality to residential and retail sectors.

In 2007 the use of radio frequency identification in business processes caught Perfect’s attention leading to the commencement of Perfect RFID. To endow the Indian clients with the most remarkable experience in RFID Perfect partnered with international brand like Impinj,Times 7 and Tageos known for their world class quality products.

Understanding the need of alternative power sources, Perfect forayed into solar energy generation in 2012 and has successfully executed numerous solar plant installation projects since then. In solar power plant installation also ,Perfect Aurarays aligned with Mahindra Susten, the leaders in solar segment in India. Together Aurarays and Mahindra have installed and deployed projects ranging from power generation plants at commercial and home sites to installation of solar water heater and solar street lights.

The Group companies are strengthened by common ownership and shared guiding principles which include a focus on long-term value, trust-based relationships and philanthropy. Renowned for its advancements in Silent Diesel Generators, Solar power and RFID technologies, Perfect has numerous awards and patents to its name.


“Aspire & achieve” is the core mantra that Perfect Group follows which also signifies the fundamental essence of the Group conveying the values it stands for. Perfect originated from a dream and has been steadily moving forward from one milestone to another, on no account loosing focus from its vision.

People are the soul of any organization hence value creation for all its stakeholders has been Perfect’s inspiration throughout. Meeting client’s aspiration is what the Perfect brand constantly strives for by persistent reinventing. The people at Perfect Group are also encouraged to imbibe the idea to dream and accomplish for their personnel and organizational growth. The belief in aspiring and achieving has been Perfect Group’s strength enabling the fulfillment of corporate as well as social responsibilities working towards a better and harmonious future.


  • Aim and fulfill: Setting objectives and work to attain them.
  • Being transparent: Creating clear & defined business processes.
  • Customer centricity: Client brings value to Perfect’s existence.
  • Delivering trust & value: Create confidence and nurture the brand
  • Employee contentment: A happy workforce makes a successful company